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Dog Wash'n

Dogs who ONLY need a brush out and/or trimming on the feet, face, and sanitary areas. (If your dog needs an all over trimming please see hair cuts & full body trimming prices.)

*Does not apply to double coated or poodle/doodle type dogs, please call for price.

Small <21lbs: starts at $40-60

Medium 22lbs - 35lbs: starts at $60-80

Large 36lbs - 60lbs: starts at $70-90


X Large 60lbs - 90lbs: starts at $80-100

XXL >91lbs: starts at $90-110


Our prices are based on ensuring your pets receive the best grooming experience. All prices are subject to change

Nail trimming/filing, ear cleaning and anal glands are standard procedure and are included in all bathing and grooming services at no extra charge.


The Fine Paw Print

Since we are such a busy salon, hair cuts, full body trimming and grooming services are by appointment only.


Running late? Give us a call and let us know.


  • More than 15 minutes late and we will bump your appointment to the next available time slot.

  • More than 30 minutes late to your appointment and we have not heard from you, we will reschedule your appointment and this will be counted as a "No Show.

  • For appointment no shows, clients will be asked to add a credit card on file prior to the next appointment. We will do everything we can to replace a no show appointment from our wait list but if we cannot, once the card is on file, the client will be charged the full price of any missed services going forward.



If you walk in and your dog is on the table, the dog will then become distracted and it will be difficult to calm them down so they can be finished. Believe us, we will call you.


Unless otherwise agreed upon at drop off, all dogs need to be picked up within 30 minutes of our call letting you know they are finished. Any dogs left for an excessive amount of time after they are finished will be charged an extra fee. If you need your dog by a certain time, please inform us and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your time constraints.

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